Review of my favourite ‘MAC’ eyeshadows x

WHAT’S COMING SOON????? MY REVIEW OF MY FAVE EYESHADOWS! Okay, so I don’t have a huge, crazy and outrageous collection of high-end eyeshadows like those beauty gurus on ‘YouTube’, but I do have a few eyeshadows that I absolutely LOVE and use regularly. In my next few blog posts I am going to be writing a small review of each of my favourite eyeshadows, so follow this blog to see reviews of MAC’s ‘Satin Taupe’, ‘Retro-Speck’, ‘Baby It’s Cold’ and ‘Woodsmoke’. These reviews will be following this post x



2 thoughts on “Review of my favourite ‘MAC’ eyeshadows x

    • stylesecrets101 says:

      Hey! Thank you so much for following 🙂 Mac eyeshadows are very good quality and last a very long time so I feel they’re worth buying 🙂 the next review should be up later today 🙂 Ali x

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