Review of Lauren Conrad’s ‘Style’ and ‘Beauty’ books



Firstly, I will start with the first book, ‘Lauren Conrad Style’. There are eleven chapters in this book, six on ‘Fashion’, two on ‘Beauty’ and 3 on ‘Life style’. In these chapters, Lauren gives her advice on things such as ‘travel’, ‘accessories’ and ‘hair’. This book is very well written in my opinion, and does give really good fashion tips. I would choose ‘Style’ over ‘Beauty’ if fashion was my number one as opposed to beauty and makeup!

Now I will talk a bit about the second book ‘Lauren Conrad Beauty’. There are twelve chapters in this book! The book is split in two, with the first five chapters being on ‘Prep’ (discussing Hair care, and skin care basics), the other seven chapters are on ‘Play’ (discussing different types of makeup for different occasions!).

There is a lot in each chapter in both of these books, and I really think that every tip Lauren has, has been put into these books. Personally I prefer the second book as some of the tips in the first book I already knew (though there were some in the second book also that I already knew as well!). To be completely honest, it definitely is personal preference as to which book is for you! They are both well written, clear and useful books, so in my opinion they are both worth purchasing! 


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