The Importance of Good Quality Makeup Brushes- and tips!


That is a picture of my makeup brushes. The fully gold ones came in a Christmas offer by Estee Lauder, which included four of your basic brushes, foundation etc., in a brush pouch! My other brushes are from gift sets and came with makeup. I have one special edition MAC one, and a few separate Estee Lauder ones. I have heard many people talk about  how some limited edition brush sets are bad quality, but I must tell you that this is NOT the case with the Estee Lauder brush set. It cost me around $30, and it was worth every penny! I’m really happy that I bought a good quality brush set which will last me years. The bristles on the brushes a so soft, and they don’t shed!

Cleaning my brushes… I think that there’s nothing worse that using dirty brushes so I deep clean most of my brushes after every use. This is fine for me, as I don’t wear makeup everyday so I don’t have to wash them too often. I don’t wash my blush brush as often as I would say my foundation brush, just because the blush brush still blends fine even with previous product on it (I stick to the same MAC blush, if I didn’t I would have to wash my brush!), where as my liquid foundation stays on the foundation brush, this means when I go to blend my foundation, it ends up looking cakey!! I deep clean my brushes using a cheap baby shampoo! I rinse my brush, squeeze out excess water, swirl it in some baby shampoo in the palm of my hand, rinse and leave to dry, flat, on the edge of a table. Don’t leave you’re brushes drying with the bristles facing up as this allows water to drip into where the bristles are glued, causing them to fall out!

Altogether, I can’t recommend how important good quality brushes are! They last for so long! I’m not saying buy a $500 dollar brush set, but buy a special edition brush set from a trusted brand without spending too much money! x


7 thoughts on “The Importance of Good Quality Makeup Brushes- and tips!

  1. addercatter says:

    I got a set from e.l.f. when they had a promo. I got the set for $3.50 (regular price is $30) They are super soft and high quality. E.L.F. has sales and discounts all the time. Kat

  2. Little Cybs says:

    I love ELF brushes! I got a $30 brush set for Christmas that I’m still experimenting with – there’s like 17 brushes – and I figure it’ll help me decide what brushes I like so I can buy nicer, more expensive ones in the future. The Estee Lauder ones look super nice!

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