Packing for vacation tips…


Hey! I’m sure many of you will be traveling abroad at some point this summer, so I have decided to do a blog post all about my tips and tricks for packing, and what I like to bring with me when I travel abroad!


When it comes to outfits, I like to bring clothes that I can mix and match therefore creating more outfits. For example if you bring two tops and two skirts, make sure they can all be mixed and matched therefore you have four different outfits! Also remember when you are on packing make sure you take the weather conditions into account, you don’t want to be stuck in shorts in cold weather! 

For airplane outfits, comfort is key! Although your favourite pair of skinny jeans may look gorgeous, would you really want to be sitting in them for hours?  No! So instead of wearing a fashionable outfit, go for a comfortable tracksuit instead! 

As for what to bring with you when you’re on board the plane, I try to bring items to keep me occupied whilst I’m on board! Airlines allow you to bring two pieces of carry on luggage, a larger bag or small suitcase to be put in the overhead bins, and a small backpack or handbag!

Personally I like to bring a small suitcase and my Lonchamp ‘Le Pliage’ bag (pictured above!) onboard. One of my main tips for when packing your larger onboard bag is to include one of your outfits for your trip, just in case your suitcase goes missing! I usually put things like clothes and pjs in my larger case. In my small bag I put all of my necessities which consist of lip balm, headphones, magazines, sweets, water, my phone, iPod, and a book! 

Next post will be coming soon! xxx




4 thoughts on “Packing for vacation tips…

  1. silverkis says:

    Hello dear… i’m with you on striking a balance between style and comfort on the plane! But… we’re no longer allowed to bring water onboard the plane yah….

  2. livelaughloveblogforever says:

    Comfort on the plane is definitely key. Last winter we went on a two and a half week trip to the Caribbean and I wore my skinny jeans and a sweater on the plane because I wanted to have both items with me and I thought they would take up more room than other items if I packed them instead. I was fine at the airport but halfway through the flight my legs were extremely uncomfortable.

    Twitter: @LiveLau57379791

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