Review of Real Techniques ‘Expert Face’ brush

Before purchasing the ‘Expert Face’ brush, I had heard so many great reviews about it! I have used sponges and regular foundation brushes to blend my M.A.C. foundation, and I thought I was happy using those, that was until I bought this AMAZING make-up brush. 

Firstly, this brush was designed by Samantha Chapman, a professional make-up artist and beauty blogger. There are many tutorials on how to use this brush online which I find helpful. 

The brush itself is not pricey at all. I purchased mine at Ulta for around $9. The brush has an orange handle, and the shape of the handle makes the brush fit perfectly in your hand. The brush hairs are soft, but dense, which means you are able to really buff the foundation into your skin for a flawless finish. I found flat foundation brushes difficult to use around my nose, but this brush blends extremely well all over my face. This brush also washes very easily (I just use baby shampoo!). I also use this brush to blend my bronzer under my cheekbones!

I would definitely recommend this brush to anyone who is looking for a foundation brush that blends amazingly and isn’t expensive at all. Definitely a 10/10 product for me!






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