Review of Jergens ‘Natural Glow’



I have naturally pale skin and, I’ve been looking for a gradual self-tanner for so long, and after reading many positive reviews, I purchased the Jergens ‘Natural Glow’ in Ross for only $3.99! 

The tan itself is great! It goes on so easily, and because it’s gradual, it’s very easy to control how dark your skin turns. When you apply the tan, it has a slight shimmery effect, which I was slightly worried about as even though it was only a small amount, I didn’t want to look like I had glitter all over me! But luckily, the shimmery effect wasn’t there when the tan dried. The tan itself has a scent but it isn’t unpleasant at all. It dries into a natural looking tan, which I love as that was exactly what I had been looking for, a natural looking tan!

Altogether, I am delighted with this product, and will be using it a lot, especially during the winter months!


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