L’Occitane obsession…


I first discovered L’Occitane in Atlanta airport and have been obsessed ever since. Pictured are two of my favourite L’Occitane products, the Lavande pillow mist and their best selling shea butter hand cream.

Before using this pillow mist I had never used one before and was really excited to try it. I really like this product, I sprits it on my pillow before I go to sleep. It’s lavender scent isn’t overpowering like many other lavender sprays. I find it relaxes me as I am winding down to go to sleep, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who finds it hard to wind down after a busy day at work/school. The pillow mist costs €20.

I was first introduced to the shea butter hand cream when I went to a L’Occitane event and got it as a sample. I immediately fell in love with it. This hand cream leaves my hands moisturised and soft as it contains 20% shea butter. It has a rich and creamy texture and has a much thicker consistency that the typical hand cream. Although this hand cream is quite pricey at €23.00, it is so worth it and I will never be buying another type of hand cream again!


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